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About Us

You would like to know something about me?

As agency we are representing manufacturers.

Our partners belong to Europe's strongest manufacturers and they want us to represent them on Germany's market.

At any time you are talking with producers themself; all offers, deliveries and invoices come directly from manufacturer. Our core-competition is the business of special parts made of metal

I learned sales business at Klöckner Stahlhandel in Berlin and after finishing that I started my experience as sales force for semi-finished products in a stock-holding trading company  (Rich. Herbig, Berlin; Perleberg KG, Berlin).

In the time between 1998 up to 2001 I was managing director in a small agency selling perforated, expanded and wire products (Perleberg, Scheil & Weise GbR)

From 2001 up to starting my own business in 2011 I was working as sales force for a German expanded metal producer.

As you might see, I am well experienced in selling the products you can find on this website.

As said, my partners are most reliable and competitive producers in Europe, I am happy to represent them.

My wife is supporting me in office.

A Hobby becomes professional

Taking photos was only a hobby for me for a long time. Combining my hobby with my own demand for good pictures, I took most of the pictures by myself. Then, customers asked me for photos as reference.
That was the day I started to offer good pictures as business.

I am Germany's only agency offering products and pictures at same time.

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